MonViolon Records

Ambiances sonores

By NatureBuisson.
Sounds of nature.

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Danses de couple

By MonViolon.
Melodies from Bœuf trad Vol. 1


La Devise

By Demi-sel.
Artist-in-residence 2018

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MonViolon-prod is a self-proclaimed label specialized in traditional music. We produce everyday music, to whistle in the garden, at the workshop, while tending sheep…

Our recordings are created with patience and care and have the particularity of being free (in french “libre”, like the word liberty) for all uses, including commercial.

In addition to listening and whistling these tunes, you can, if you feel like it, use them: we publish the sources of the tracks (the raw tracks for each instrument). You will certainly find ideas for remixes and alternative uses…

Apart from this page, the site is in French but you will quickly understand where to click to find the music ;-)

This site is based on the SourceML framework, by dj3c1t. It is a CMS to publish " sources " (tracks) with links between them. You will understand by using this site.

The bulk of our production is related to the MonViolon music library and its soon-to-be-famous (?) music collections, for a popular practice of music.

If you want to publish music here (trad, acoustic, under free license without "nc" mention), contact me. Also consider installing your own SourceML (the more the merrier…)

And if you wish to support MonViolon financially, it is here : Donate

Enjoy the music!